D2 – It’s raining cats and dogs

The stormy clouds carrying Autumn had finally reached Greece as we woke up to the smell of rain. Just a day ago we left Athens with +30 °C in our t-shirts and now we were glad that we’ve packed raincoats and fleece shirts. On our way a river broke its banks, flooding the road. While we waited for the traffic to resume, a granny with a jacket on her head appeared on the side of a road from a village nearby to check what was happening. She crossed herself and in the direction of the river.

When later we’ve arrived to the port town Igumenitsa, Poseidon with Zeus decided to say their goodbyes and organised a tremendous farewell thunder storm. Cars were swimming and lightnings were flashing every other second making the whole electricity in the town to blink and keep switching on and off. What a wonderful night to cross the sea, adventure at its best.

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