D5 – Hilltop villages have the best views

We drive so slow the space time continuum elongates, making arrival times very very relative. According to the GPS 200km should take about two hours. We make them in six. Stop for a coffee here, for some mushroom hunting there. Go check that beautiful lake, get lost in a forest, get stuck behind a slow moving truck in winding mountain roads. Yesterday we stretched the time so much it got dark until we arrived in our shelter. Remote nature will be extra pitch black, but then you get to wake up and see the view for the first time. A farm house amidst fields of green pasture. Pasqualina the owner is living there with her son, we speak in broken Italian and supplement with automated mobile translations. Modern and rural, foreign and familiar, Wi-Fi and homemade cheese. Stories about visiting travelers from New Zealand, and in the background music from the fiesta of the nearby village. And off we go to the next destination. From Castelpagano towards some tiny village in the middle of Abruzzo.

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