D8 – Autostrade Snails

There is no plan, we slowly move upwards, with a few twists and turns. Book a place for the next day, pet friendly 🐶 (check), 0-50 euros 💰 (check), including breakfast 🥐☕ (checkitty-check). Put the location on the GPS, pack our stuff and off we go. Some spatial neurons surely atrophy by this satellite convenience but it’s too good to pass. Mental hurdles are good for the brain, says a brain surgeon on a podcast. Use it or lose it applies here. Unpredictably predictable Italian drivers sharpen our mental game. They frequently offset from their lanes in poorly visible mountain turns sending shivers down our spines. Roads that twist like fusilly feed into the almighty Autostrade. The speed limit is a bit of a joke here, even for truck drivers. We are but a tiny snail, migrating slowly.

2 thoughts on “D8 – Autostrade Snails

  1. Γέλασα με τη Φεράρι! Το κρασί σας το αφήνουν δώρο στο ερμπιενμπι? Επίσης, ερμπιενμπι με Ντύλαν Ντογκ = καλό ερμπιενμπι!


  2. Χαχα όχι το κρασί το πήραμε από αμπελώνα. Ήταν χόστελ από τα καλύτερα που έχουμε μείνει και ναι είχαν Ντύλαν Ντόγκ αυθεντικό στα Ιταλικά!


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