D9- Take away Florence

Day 9 of our trip starts with arranging our next move. We agree to make a small detour to visit Florence and spend a night in Lentigione which will bring us closer to the famous porcini area next day.

Being delayed by our frequent ‘let me just check out for a second’ stops we arrive to Florence quite late, around 4 pm. In my morning imagination we were walking through deserted autumn streets of Florence, in reality the streets were crowded by tourists. So we decided to drive through the city instead which proved to be quite an entertaining way of sightseeing with me hanging out with the camera from the car’s window and Strelka as a parrot sitting in the middle centred on the road. We’ve amused tourists.

Our last kilometres were on the grown-up pants highway predominated by giant trucks. They were competing with each other and were not bothered by us. Driving last bits through the straight roads between endless fields with cows and tractors, we reached our room in a random farmhouse late at night. An Italian grandpa gave us the keys and disappeared. Where are we, still in Italy? These fields reminds me so much of the Netherlands.

2 thoughts on “D9- Take away Florence

    1. Ακόμα και γνωστές μάρκες (Μπαρίλα) έχουν ένα σορό μακαρόνια εδώ που δεν βρίσκεις στην Ελλάδα.


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