D11- Elevated

We decide to stay one more day in Northern Italy and enjoy the rugged mountains. After all when will we come back here again? (well definitely in August when it is prime Porcini season). Plus I still have mushroom fever so needed to hunt a little more in dense forests and lush valleys. Our host for today is Pietro, he has a house tucked in the foot of a mountain. Ideal base for long hikes and explorations. I showed him the Parasol mushroom I found earlier and he gave me the Italian name: “Mazza di Tamburo” (Drummer?). The house is boiling hot. An old wood-fired oven is radiating heat like a volcano. Yana is happy! I take Strelka and get lost in the woods. On the way back the forest gets pitch black even though there is still ambient light outside. We exit just in time and head to the hot hot kitchen for some warm Orecchiette.

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