D12 – Ridiculously good looking.

This morning we cross the border between Italy and Switzerland. Three passports (check), tree adequate crossing the border faces (check), greetings in any of the three languages (check). A jolly policemen with a gun asks us if we’re going to use the highways and redirects us to the office to buy a sticker for a car. With this sticker you can pay upfront for all the highways for a year. Sticky toll system and it’s not much too, around 40 Euros.

We drive in without any further questions, new country for both of us, Switzerland at last. It meets us with a broken road and we start wondering about the fairness of the sticker. Just a bit further I spot a giant pumpkin on the side of the road, it forces us to turn back and enter someone’s yard for a picture.

After that we drive further and further into the heart of this land, the scenery starts wow-ing us by each new turn. The eye can’t process so much beauty – smooth hills, crystal blue lakes, yellow autumn trees under the amber sun. 370 pictures later we arrive to Am Bach, to stay in the house of an Irish and a Swiss priests. I close my eyes and can only see these ridiculously good looking landscapes that my brain have to process before falling asleep. Tough day.

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