D17 – Greeting Alpacas and crossing the Channel

The highlight of our farmstay is a hodgepodge of domestic animals. Ducks, goats, swans and two funny Alpacas! On the other side of the fence there is a table with stale baguettes. Soon we have a feeding party. We get a good downpour until we reach the port. A quick check by the French border guard and we are off to board the ship. Strelka has to stay inside the car for the whole trip but this is peanuts compared to the Mediterranean crossing. I brace myself for the British border check, especially the animal control part, they have a reputation for excess pedanticness that reaches legendary levels (people still circulate stories of quarantined animals). Yet I am left with a big question mark, nobody checks anything. Dover is behind us and I am still perplexed, what about all the preparation, the stress and imaginary confrontations with police? Nope, nothing not even the slightest paperwork. Well I guess it was easier to enter with a car. Now take care to stay on the right, erm left side of the road which is the right side on this country. Back to England! Wuhuuu! I still think Brexit will not happen. Let’s see. Let’s see.

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