D17 – Greeting Alpacas and crossing the Channel

The highlight of our farmstay is a hodgepodge of domestic animals. Ducks, goats, swans and two funny Alpacas! On the other side of the fence there is a table with stale baguettes. Soon we have a feeding party. We get a good downpour until we reach the port. A quick check by the French borderContinue reading “D17 – Greeting Alpacas and crossing the Channel”

D16 – Ruminating in calm French villages

Somehow against all previous odds, we arrive early. The room is not yet ready so we wonder on this peaceful village, killing time. A contradiction, not the only one on our walk. In another timeline the serene pastures and nearby forest were the center-point of a bloody WWI battle (of Fromelles). Not as horrible asContinue reading “D16 – Ruminating in calm French villages”

D15 – Where we finally find the elusive Porcini

Waking up in a quiet town, local radio station with French pop hits and warm coffee. The forests are near so we decide to go for a stroll before driving to the next destination. Our route choice is pure randomness. After the mushroom failure of North Italy, surprisingly Yana manages to find the first (orContinue reading “D15 – Where we finally find the elusive Porcini”

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