D10 – Right Place Wrong Time

It’s time to get serious and head to the mountains. Searching for porcini spots I pin some random place on the map, somewhere North East of Milan. But first a stop for coffee and focaccia. Valleys give way to rugged mountains. We pass a lovely lake and see two guys preparing for spearfishing! Arriving inContinue reading “D10 – Right Place Wrong Time”

D8 – Autostrade Snails

There is no plan, we slowly move upwards, with a few twists and turns. Book a place for the next day, pet friendly 🐶 (check), 0-50 euros 💰 (check), including breakfast 🥐☕ (checkitty-check). Put the location on the GPS, pack our stuff and off we go. Some spatial neurons surely atrophy by this satellite convenienceContinue reading “D8 – Autostrade Snails”

Day 6 – Hunting the elusive Porcini

Yana might be driving but I drive her nuts scanning the passing forests. We do random stops into the most promising musky areas where mushroom could grow. This is a new hobby for me, but in many countries a time honored tradition. So far porcini are nowhere to be found, but we have many forestsContinue reading “Day 6 – Hunting the elusive Porcini”

D5 – Hilltop villages have the best views

We drive so slow the space time continuum elongates, making arrival times very very relative. According to the GPS 200km should take about two hours. We make them in six. Stop for a coffee here, for some mushroom hunting there. Go check that beautiful lake, get lost in a forest, get stuck behind a slowContinue reading “D5 – Hilltop villages have the best views”

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