D13 – Really, really, really ridiculously good looking

We wake up and our eyes still hurt from all the perfect landscapes. The smell of manure tries to balance it a little but it is still ridiculous. Damn you Switzerland! to vent our steam we stop in a picturesque turquoise lake fed by a frosty alpine river. I baptize myself for 10 seconds (tops)Continue reading “D13 – Really, really, really ridiculously good looking”

D12 – Ridiculously good looking.

This morning we cross the border between Italy and Switzerland. Three passports (check), tree adequate crossing the border faces (check), greetings in any of the three languages (check). A jolly policemen with a gun asks us if we’re going to use the highways and redirects us to the office to buy a sticker for aContinue reading “D12 – Ridiculously good looking.”

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